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MMDHosting, whilst their servers are based in the US, offer highly responsive hosting that works just fine in the UK. I know this through my own experience. The only company that could offer me the type of managed, website hosting at the time I was setting up a very large video site, was MDDHosting. This isn't strictly true, but other hosting providers never came close to the performance of MDDHosting servers, or even if they did (dedicated servers), never placed so much importance on customer care. After trying hosting with various companies I nearly gave up. It was only with MDDHosting (with extensive help from the boss of the company himself) was I able to eventually get my site up and running using one of their Fully Managed VPS. Prior to this, I used their shared hosting platform, the performance of which was way above anything I had come across before - and I had tried quite a few prior. Their platforms are not oversold so don't suffer from lag or poor performance, which is vital if you ask me, especially so if you have discerning visitors looking to buy some product or other. In the world of website hosting MDDHosting must rank as one of the best. Just take a look at the glowing reports - the many reviews below - where hardly anyone has anything to say bar praise for their services - and over an extensive period of time, which just goes to show the high standards they have attempted to adhere to for many years.

Website Appraisal

As you would expect their website is responsive and quick to load. Navigation is straight-forward and easy to follow. Periodically there are Promotional Codes to be found offering considerable savings. Makes sense to check them out before placing any order. There is money to be made with their affiliate offer. To qualify all you need is to sign up for one of their hosting packages. There isn't a great deal of clutter on the website so any visitor should be able to find exactly what they need to find and to easily configure any hosting package. A pretty simple, straightforward set-up, which is always appreciated, especially in this day and age where many websites are purposely bloated with unnecessary text. Once hosting is established the 'Client Area' is, again, simple and clear to follow, which is always of benefit when you are a little hazy as to what steps to take.

Help Available

The 'Knowledge Base' is comprehensive and in a similar vain to a FAQ system, where you'll find lots of information you might need before taking out a hosting package. On-chat is available too should you prefer to chat to a MDDHosting representative. 'Announcements' and 'Network Status' sections are also useful helpful additions. Contacting the company through the 'Ticket System' is usually met with a very speedy response. Customer care is of the highest quality and always has been. The company Blog offers some further information and for those who like to share their experiences and ask further questions of others there is a Community Forum. Overall there is plenty of help available.


The 30 day money back guarantee should put anyone's mind to rest. Ample time to check out whether the service is as good as you hoped for. It appears there is 100% uptime on their services - in other words they are never off-line. Nothing worse than your website going down for long periods of time.


The number of reviews to be found on RateLobby (see below) is considerable. One thing they have in common is their praise or MDDHosting. There can be very few companies with so many happy customers over so many years of service. Just read through them yourself to help put your mind at rest.


I can't speak highly enough of MDDHosting. If it wasn't for their help and guidance many years ago I wouldn't have remained in the website business. And to think they are still providing such a stirling service under the tutelage of the same person who helped me out at that time is reassuring in the extreme. I have no qualms about recommending MDDHosting. I just know they will provide the goods like very few others in this field of endeavour.




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