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Engineered and tested by Amazon, Fire 7 is our best-selling tablet—now 2X the storage, faster quad-core processor and hands free with Alexa.

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I purchased the Amazon Fire 7 Kindle as a replacement for my older model.  For one thing my old model needed a case attachment to provide sufficient light for me to read in bed and another was it lacked internet access.  The thought of internet access definitely appealed to me at the time.  On top of this there was an ongoing offer where the purchase price was just £29.99.  It seemed silly not to take advantage of such a low price on such a high-spec tablet - in fact I jumped at the chance to acquire one.  Delivery was next day and I became the proud owner of an Amazon Fire 7 Kindle.


The technical specifications with regard to this are these: 192 x 115 x 9.6 mm, with a 7 inch screen size and weighing at 286 grams.  It is a fairly hefty device, though it is very slim and fits in my hands without burdening my wrists unduly, but it isn't a lightweight either.  I haven't dropped mine yet so I can't vouch for the ruggedness of the build, but my BIL has, a few times, and I think he has broken the screen.  As far as I know this was replaced under warranty.  I shall have to check up on this and update this review, but I am pretty sure the Fire 7 Kindle was either repaired or replaced for free.  I say again, the Fire 7 Kindle isn't easy to hold at an angle for any length of time and this might be an issue with someone who is a little weak and who can't raise their knees to support the back of the tablet when lying down in bed for instance.  For my own use I find it fine and the size or weight do not bother me in the slightest.


The Amazon Fire 7 Kindle boots up quickly enough, being brought into life by pressing down on the upper right switch for a number of seconds - 3 to 5 or so.  There is some start-up rearranging of files with a token warning that it might take 10 minutes or so to complete, but with regard to my own tablet this only takes a minute or so to complete.  Once you swipe the screen it then boots into the icon screen.  The quad-core processor and 1GB ram seem sufficient and the screens come and go rapidly enough.  For a long novel there is a delay from first selection, but once loaded you can flick to any page instantly by either by once again swiping or by using the slider bar which appears at the bottom of the screen should you tap it into life. I find that bookmarking is the way to go, which is accessible at the top of the screen.  If bookmarking isn't available for some reason (some free books I have downloaded from the internet for instance don't seem to have this option) then I resort to writing down the page before I fall sleep (I read in bed in the main). 


I didn't buy the Amazon Fire 7 Kindle to play games, but even so I have had a go at a few of them.  A shooting game I installed played really well.  No-doubt if I was more used to playing games on tablets I would have been inspired to play others.  As far as I can make out games run fine.  There is a vast array to choose from.  You can try many of them out for free before being prompted to spend hard cash.  With the shooting game I could easily have made my advancement through the ranks a much smoother and speedier process if I had forked out for upgrades using hard currency.  Still, the game itself was a blast to play and smooth as silk to boot.


I use my Amazon Fire 7 Kindle for reading.  I have a great many books on it - a massive number, yet I don't have a need for any more storage capacity.  The inbuilt 16GB is more than enough for my needs.  Should you need more room though, there is a microSD card slot for up to an additional 512 GB of storage.  Of course, you could plump for the 32GB version to begin with, allowing a little more leeway.  With the ability to use the internet there comes the possibility of downloading videos and these will certainly use up available space in no-time at all, but armed with a few microSD cards you could download content and store them to your heart's content.  If you are just into reading them 16GB seems enough - it has been for me until now.

Internet Use

You access the internet by first delving into the settings and adding your broadband access key.  Very easy to find and enter as it is the first choice you are presented with once you press the settings icon.  Once active you press the 'Silk' icon (Silk Browser) and off you go.  The internet pages load quickly, on-line videos are smooth and stutter free.  Everything is as you could wish for.  As far as Facebook is concerned though the messaging doesn't work directly (unless I am doing something wrong?) and you have to use the Messenger App for this.  The Appstore icon is the first to greet you on the Icon Screen.  By searching for Facebook when inside the Appstore Facebook Messenger can be found, downloaded and installed.  I will say one thing about this app though - I couldn't figure out how to make sure it wouldn't auto-start.  I found it distracting when reading as any new message alerts you with a ding, along with a facial prompt on the right side of the screen.  I have taken it off as a result.  I might well be at fault here.  I shall have to look into the matter further.

Reading at Night

The screen is bright (adjustable) and the words stand out clearly (text also adjustable).  I don't seem to suffer from eye-strain at all from the glare, though I do fall asleep pretty quickly at times, which could be something to do with it - maybe not.  If you read a great deal then the battery life will be a little disappointing, but then again, all you have to do to get around this is to plug in the charger.  For my own use I just recharge the tablet as and when necessary.  You can adjust the display or text any which way you want by accessing the Display screen through the Settings icon - again, well represented on the first screen you see.  This new model is a vast improvement over the old in regard to night-time reading and the improvement is very much appreciated.  I have nothing negative to add here.  Does the job for me - the job I bought it for in the main.


I paid just £29.99 for my Amazon Fire 7 Kindle.  I really cannot complain for this little money.  I am delighted with my purchase and use it every day.  When you take into account the savings you make on Kindle version books (many of which are FREE) how can you go wrong?  Seems a win-win situation all round if you are into reading especially.  Surely superb value for money even at the current price of £49.99 for the 16GB model I have.  Well worth considering if you ask me.




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