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If you purchase a lot of product from Amazon (just 'some' is sufficient come to think of it), then Amazon Prime should pay for itself. It isn't hard to recoup the cost. For one thing the price is reduced on lots of products - including Amazon Kindle Books - and delivery is FREE. The free delivery alone can save you lot of money. This is apart from all the other benefits such as all the movies, TV shows, sport and music you will have access to. For instance I saved a few £ when purchasing some Mpow Solar Lights recently. 2 such lights cost me less than £13 with FREE Delivery! Without Amazon Prime the price would have been £14.99 PLUS Delivery! When you also take into account I like to watch a lot of movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video and read Kindle books I am quids in as they say. Some really good series are Amazon Prime Video exclusive! Jack Ryan I thought was really good, Good Omens brilliant and I've just worked my way through Hannah, which was very entertaining. The quality of the former 2 productions in particular was top-notch. I doubt whether Hollywood could have improved on them. Not that I'm much of a music lover but if I was then there is also a vast array of free tracks to listen to. One section I haven't paid any attention to is Sports, of which there are, apparently, lots to appeal to sports minded fans. I do like to read a fair bit though and between the fact I use an Amazon Kindle AND Amazon Prime I can save a great deal of money on just book purchasing alone. See my Amazon Fire Kindle review here.


Amazon Prime is well worth considering for a number of reasons. You can save a ton of money for one. FREE Delivery and lower cost of items is a no brainer. It costs just £7 a month, which can be made up with just one purchase. If you enjoy movies, music, sports or reading via Amazon Kindle then there are also these to consider. Is all this worth £7 a month? Streaming is error free and fast, as is music access and Kindle downloads. You just have to work it out yourselves whether the cost is justified. I think I will keep my membership going for a while. The fact I can save money the more I purchase, view, listen to or read makes sense to me at present - especially so the reading side of things - an incentive to garner more knowledge. Worth a thought for sure.

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I realised I hadn't linked to Trustpilot (or some other review site). When I did and read the reviews I was a bit taken aback as there are plenty of unhappy users. I can't speak for others, but personally, Amazon Prime has been a very good experience. You had best read the reviews yourself and make your own mind up about the service. The delivery side of things looks a bit hit and miss to me as there are plenty of customers who have been disappointed in regard to this. Forewarned is forearmed after-all.




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