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Prior to my time with Namecheap I used other domain registrars such as 123Reg.  123Reg was fine for most of my needs until I became interested in running subdomains.  These cost £6-7 each time I wanted to create them.  I found this odd as I owned the root domain.  Still, not knowing any better I continued to use their services.  I then became aware of Namecheap and was astonished to find subdomains do not cost anything, and not only this but there is no limit as to how many you can create.  This was enough for me to move over to Namecheap and I have remained with them ever since (for a good few years).

Ordering Domains

I always buy UK domains. For this I always enter the domain name I would like to acquire plus This works to concentrate my efforts for these domains alone. Such domain names are very cheap to purchase with Namecheap - around £7 all in. I make sure to switch off Auto-Renew as I tend to ditch domains I find are just not working for me after a while. There is nothing worse than finding you have forked out for the renewal of domains you have no use for. When you have a large number of domains on your hands this can add up to quite a sum of money.

Paying for Domains

I always pay for my domains with Paypal. This option works fine on Namecheap. I can't say I have ever had any issue with it. There are options to pay for your domains by various methods - credit or debit cards and so on. I shouldn't think there would be an issue with any of them

Account Management

I find my account dashboard fairly straightforward. There are prompts keeping you informed as to any pending domain renewal. Turning auto-renew off and on is dead easy with the indicator being very noticeable. Managing each domain is simple enough - the link of which is found to the right of each domain in your domain list. I keep things as simple as possible to avoid any confusion so I have never had to make use of the nameservers or of their email services. I run my own home-server so I direct all my domains to my IP Address and leave it at that. I carry out the necessary steps for this after clicking on 'Advanced DNS' and inputting my IP Address in the correct manner.


Subdomains are dead easy to setup for me. All I have to do is navigate to 'Advanced DNS' and create another 'A Record' with the name of my subdomain and IP Address in the appropriate boxes. This is all it takes as far as directing the subdomain traffic to my own server. The control of the traffic is carried out my end thereafter.  I have saved a fortune over the years as the cost of each subdomain is zero with Namecheap.
Namecheap Subdomains


Sorry, but I can't speak for Namecheap Hosting. I use Namecheap for my Domain requirements and have never made use of any other aspect of their services. I can see they offer all sorts of hosting, all the way up to dedicated servers. All I can advise with regard to how these perform is to visit such sites as Trustpilot and read the appropriate reviews - see below.


The only times I have had to contact support has been for the times my domains haven't come online for one reason or another. When I create a subdomain it generally comes online straight away, but only for a short period of time. Within the next 24 hours it fluctuates until the propagation process is complete. This is how it should be. Occasionally though (and it tends to be after I have fiddled around with my settings a little too much) the domain refuses to become active. Each time this has occurred I have used 'Chat Support'. I have never received poor service using this method and my problems have been quickly sorted out by the person I have been chatting to. As my needs are fairly simple to implement and therefore must be quite simple to fix no-doubt I haven't been much of a burden on those offering support. Over the years I have been with Namecheap I have never had much of a concern with the running of my domains. They always seem to work once everything is as it should be. Whether problems are so easily fixed with such pleasant demeanour with regard to hosting I can't say. Again, see Trustpilot reviews below from those who have faced problems with their Namecheap Hosting.


The name Namecheap is associated with Domain acquirement and registration in the main. For this purpose I have found their services invaluable. You have to take into account though I a seasoned veteran when it comes to this line of work. As a result of this I know my way around domain settings and the like and very rarely face a problem I can't fix myself therefore I haven't had to go running to support every 5 mins. If I had maybe my experience of Namecheap would be different. All I can say is they have saved me a fortune over the years and are still doing so. I have no reason to move to another domain provider.




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